Cocoa+Applescript dialogbox to quickly go through your catalog and rate it. Great for use with things like the SXSW Torrent ( and other times when you need to rate a ton of music, really quickly.

What this code does is the following:

  • You play your iTunes catalog
  • Fire up the software
  • You click a box to rate something to 0,1,2, or 3 stars. It will also set the song's genre.

There's also keyboard shortcuts!

  • right arrow - next song
  • left arrow - previous song
  • space - skip 15 seconds
  • 0 - rate "no play"
  • 1 - rate 1
  • 2 - rate 2
  • 3 - rate 3

I'm sorry the genee's are so strange. I don't like some genres, so I've just not added buttons for them.

All of this is done by having Cocoa call Applescript to talk to iTunes. At some point, I should probably rewrite this thing to use the scripting bridge. Oh well, thsi works.

Setting a song to 0 stars will also set the song to be 'disabled' (unchcked) in the iTunes dialog.

I use this to go through the SXSW torrent. Use at your own risk.

Thanks to jwz for the Applescripts. Tested with iTunes 11.0.2 and Mac OS X 10.9.2. Compile target is set for > 10.8


My review process, let me show you it.

  1. Download hundreds of songs.
  2. Put them into iTunes.
  3. Rate them from 0-3 and fix genres, as needed. (I never give a track a 3 or better on the first listen.)
  4. Go back, and listen to the tracks again that you've rated at 3.
  5. Mark them 4 or 5 if they are really, really great.
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