Getting straight to the point -

LAPD app helps the drivers easily find surface parking lots on Google Maps UI with top important information such as

  • Free/Total space available
  • Type ( General Service Depart. , Private )
  • Timings
  • Rates (Hourly, Daily, Monthly)
  • Convenience
  • Imp. Features (like 2.00 Dollar Flat Rates after 2pm IF AVAILABLE)

Key Features

  • StreetView to check out the Parking Lots. (Due to poor Internet Connection It is not being able to preview in the video)
  • Parking Lots Picture to make it easy to locate.
  • Search parking lots availability in other areas of LA.
  • Subscribe to parking lots for space availability and Receive Push Notification when a user is about to leave/ just left.
  • Get directions to the Parking Lot on one click.

OpenXC Integration

In order to keep count of no of vehicles parked, opnexc platform is used to know whether a driver has parked his vehicle in the compound of a parking lot when the ignition status is turned to OFF from RUN/ON.

Case Scenario -

A driver comes out of his home to get in the car.

( Initially Vehicle is not parked in a parking lot)

State 1: Driver Car Door Open ( Getting In) State 2: Driver Puts ON the Ignition and then RUNS it.

State 3: Driver reaches the destination. Puts OFF the ignition and come out of the vehicle by Driver Door.

App checks the location of car if it falls inside a parking compound of that area - If it does then , Mark this vehicle as parked and update the information of space available on the server. State 4: Vehicle is parked.

State 5: Driver returns an opens the Drive Door. At this moment the app notifies all the other drivers/users who have subscribed to this Parking Lot that a driver is about to leave this parking lot.

State 6: Driver put ON the ignition and RUN it. On RUN the subscribed users are notified that the driver has left the parking lot just now.

This way the app helps to maintain a count of no of parked vehicles as well as notifies when one leaves a parking lot.

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