We live in an area where a lot of planes fly by all the time. You can figure out what planes they are by using online sources on a laptop, but we wanted to make it easier. Now you just snap a picture!

What it does

This app uses geolocation, device orientation, and WolframAlpha's API to determine what plane you're looking at. After this is determined, the app will tell you information like what kind of plane it is, where it's come from and where it's going.

How We built it

The frontend is react native and the backend is node.js. The app on the phone collects the geolocation data and orientation(cardinal direction). Then, after finding all nearby flights using longitude and latitude, the device's cardinal direction is used to narrow the search. Finally, once a plane is chosen we display it on the screen.

Challenges We ran into

Accomplishments that We're proud of

What We learned

What's next for it's a plane, it's a bird, no it's actually a plane

A better UI is definitely in order. It would be so much cooler if we used AR to show results in realtime. You could just point the phone at the plain and there would be loading circle around the plane and the results would appear under it. Then the results can follow the plane, sort of like how sci-fi movies show holographic information on objects! Also, we could use things like device pitch. It's shockingly rare to see a lot of planes so close together our current implementation fails, but it could happen.

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