Since the theme of this hackathon is about the old and the new, we thought about reviving old classic video games into real games using modern technologies.

What it does

The player can control the up and down motion of Mario and jumping onto objects, as well as the speed of forward movement of the passing landscape.

How I built it

The entire map is set on a tyvex scroll with laser-cut and color-painted objects rotating in the background.

Challenges I ran into

Throughout the process, we had to switch the control systems several times and till the end, we couldn't get the arduino sensor parts and motor parts working. When we were packing, we did not anticipate the lack of electronic and related parts to hack with.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

But still, we are proud that the end product is enough to show the concept of our idea and the amount of work we put into making the goal.

What I learned

Pack more materials and electronic parts instead of just tools (even though without those we wouldn't have make progress we have right now)

What's next for It's a Mario

Make it actually work with Arduino.

Built With

  • lazer-cut-plywood
  • tyvex
  • acrylic-paint
  • potentially)-arduinos
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