I often find myself in the situation where I actually have to look at the date on my phone, and and actually think about whether that date is Pi day... such a drag! But no more! With you can simply go to your phone, open up a browser, type in *"" press enter, and receive that glorious bit of information.

What it does

Tells you whether or not it's pi day.

How I built it

Hard-coded html & a cloud function, what else do you need in life?

Challenges I ran into

I started this too late, so the domain isn't pointed in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Saving 10s of peoples the bother of thinking about numbers in their head.

What I learned

That I have strange ideas when tired

What's next for IsItPiDay .... .com

Nothing, it's perfect. (well, when the domain updates)

*still waiting on DNS to update, use this for the moment.

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