Small plugin for Unity game engine to detect if iPod player is playing. A Unity GameObject can register itself as callback listener to get notified on every status change.

To use it within your Unity project put libiPodHandlerPlugin.a in folder Assets/Plugins/iOS and put class IPodHandler.cs (s. folder Unity-CSharp) somewhere under Assets/Scripts.

The simplest use case is polling the iPod player status. This is done by calling IPodHandler.Active property.

A more sophisticated approach is to register a callback listener within your Unity project. To do so:

  • Put IPodHandler.cs in your project
  • Look for GameObject let's call it main that should stay active even when a new scene is loaded i.e. Object.DontDestroyOnLoad (mainGameObject) is called in Awake (). If your GameObject's name is not main, replace "main" in IPodHandler.GAME_OBJECT with your object
  • main has to have a component attached that implements the callback method: public void IPodNotification (string message) If you prefer a different name, modify the const IPodHandler.METHOD appropriately
  • Call once the method IPodHandler.RegisterUnityIPodCallbackListener ().

If you need to compile a new version of libiPodHandlerPlugin.a start with the attached Xcode project and modify the build settings to fit your needs. The resulting .a file has to be copied to the Assets/Plugins/iOS folder of your Unity project. When building the iPhone player in Unity, it will be transferred to the Library folder of the Unity-iPhone project automatically.

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