Investing is often believed to be a very risky process. But it doesn't need to be like that! We aim to demystify investing and make it accessible for everyone.

What it does

InvestBud is crypto paper-trading platform where you can understand the complex word of cryptocurrency without having to trade any real world money. Get a feel for crypto-trading without any risk!

How we built it

  • back-end: historical Bitcoin prices from Binance API and websocket to stream bitcoin price every minute. Cleaned and stored in a minutely updating csv file
  • front-end: using HTML/CSS/Javascript to build a website that provides a user-friendly platform to help new investors get to know the basic of investments through an introduction quiz. It also includes a virtual bitcoin transaction application, using a price graph to show the current price.

Challenges we ran into

Creating an auto-updating graph and integrating it into a website proved to be a bigger challenge than we thought.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have never worked on a full stack project before - it was an ambitious project and we made very good progress on it given our level of experience

What we learned

While working on the project, we learned teamwork, splitting up of tasks and working with Python, Flask, HTML and CSS on practical projects. More than that, InvestBud helped us too to get a better understanding of trading in the crypto world in order to achieve financial well-being.

What's next for InvestBud

Features we feel we could implement into InvestBud in the future:

  • Checking the legitimacy of certain trading strategies with back-checking in order to avoid scams.
  • Having an API which could help people check their own strategies locally without fear of theft. While we set out with an ambitious task, we feel that we have acheived a lot in a limited time. Though a few features still have a few wrinkles in it we feel that time is the only factor that caused these problems. Features like automatically reloading the webpage to display the graph in real-time proved to be a great challenge.

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