We believe that learning financial management and investing is important. However, people perceive it as quite boring or challenging so we we are going to educate people in a game-like environment.

What it does

This is a monopoly-like game. However, after some time many find game to be repetitive. We want to avoid that by making each game to be unique and different from the previous one be generating new game fields every time. Instead of buying real estate, games now are going to invest in stocks and rely on the data from Goldman Sachs to see how different stocks behave over the time. After predefined number of rounds is done the game is over and the whoever net worth is maximum is the winner!

How I built it

We are using data from Goldman Sachs and then maintain earnings and statistics for player. We host the data in the Google cloud and apply indexes from Goldman Sachs forecasts to modify price of stocks. We put a snippet of code that represents our idea of analyzing news to suggest buy/sell strategies by analyzing the text using Google NLP service. For training purposes game will allow to play against AI that keeps training so a person can play in his/her/their pace without need to look for a partner. For now it is single-player game.

Challenges I ran into

We came with kids so finding the time to code become a big challenge! We are also quite new to many things in NodeJS but it was fun!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we actually were able to build something!

What I learned

Goldman Sachs data and APIs. And that Google now offers tons of interesting AI/ML services!

What's next for Invest in Tech

We would love to complete the game and polish the UI to make it even more awesome!

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