Blockchain wallet is a virtual wallet that helps store and store current virtual currencies such as: BTC, Bitcoin Cash, ETH, USDT, ...

What it does

With the ability to be safe and secure effectively. And T-Rex also provides users with 3 types of Blcockchain wallets corresponding to 3 currencies currently active on the exchange, BTC, ETH, and USDT when users successfully register their accounts on T-Rex.

How I built it

Instructions on how to register an account on the T-Rex floor To make purchase transactions with transaction costs "0 VND" and be able to retrieve sales transactions when having problems, users need to create their own personal account.

Challenges I ran into

On the main interface, to start the account registration process, click the register button. You can choose for yourself a suitable language such as English or Vietnamese language.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After that, the system will ask you to enter your personal email address and press the button "Send code to email" to confirm your personal account registration on the email address.

What I learned

The system will send your email a confirmation code. Just enter the correct code in the field as shown below is done!

What's next for Introducing the exchange T-Rex Son La

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