ICU capacity and availability are key to have an effective hospital system response during the current COVID-19 emergency.

Currently, ICU data is stored in different country-specific sources, available through diverse access points (websites of national agencies, APIs, excel or CSV files, etc.)

We believe that this information should be provided as follows:

  • common standardized structure
  • single point of access
  • open to the public

Implementation plan

1. Analysis

- addressed during EUvsVirus hackathon -

Our purpose is to build an integrated dataset of ICUs and their availability by country and region (at the highest regional granularity provided by the sources), using a data model standardized across countries and opening it on GitHub.

Collection and standardization of existing data will help us to define common requirements for ICU reporting, essential to implement phase 3.

Countries we have currently integrated: Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, US, Portugal, Belgium, Austria.

Check our GitHub project page for more details on the data sources.

2. Impact validation

- partially addressed during EUvsVirus hackathon -

Thanks to our structured datasets, researchers and analysts can now quickly tailor their tools and validate them at a regional level within different countries.

We welcome apps and dashboards from third parties using our datasets for:

3. Extension

- future work -

Definition of a process to collect up-to-date data from each hospital unit in Europe and enrich it in our backend with demographic and geographical data (e.g. location, population, population density, etc.) - see attached picture.

The long-term vision is to have all European countries adopting a unique and integrated approach for ICU availability reporting.

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