Integrated Symbiotics, LLC (IS) is proud to introduce the Tadpole Aquatic Monitoring and Automation System (AMAS) as our submission to Samsung’s Maker’s Against Drought competition. We believe that automation and monitoring systems, such as the Tadpole, will help reduce the barrier to entry for individuals looking to adopt food and agriculture technologies, such as aquaponics and its constituents, hydroponics and recirculating aquaculture. These technologies are proven to reduce the water consumption needed to grow food by over 90% from that of traditional methods. Agriculture is the leading user of water resources globally and is highly prevalent in California, the epicenter of the United States’ drought problem.

Integrated Symbiotics is a sustainable engineering company focused on agricultural technology, with a specialization in the fields of aquaponics and permaculture. IS aims to reduce the energy and water consumption required in traditional agriculture by utilizing new advances in automation and monitoring to mimic natural behavior.

We believe that using technological advancements to assist and observe nature gives agriculture the best chance to be sustainable and healthy while maintaining a high yield. Recent advancements in micro-technology have birthed the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, which can be seen everywhere from smart home climate control to remote security systems. This movement utilizes components such as microcontrollers and microprocessors to accumulate data, and manipulate their environments responsively. IS is committed to developing products that will introduce IoT to aquaponics and sustainability. These systems will help individuals grow and harvest food remotely, with minimal hands-on work, and we believe that their success will be integral to the growth of organic produce worldwide.

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