After talking to workers from Erie Insurance, we began to get a picture of some of the challenges facing the insurance industry currently. We wanted to create a product that utilized internet of things, big data, and app development that would not only provide a service to the insurance company, but would provide a useful service to the insured and help build a strong relationship between the insured and the insurer.

What it does

Our hack is a web application template that can would be custom made by the insurance company for their unique customer. We chose a mock company called Good Buddy Truckin' that is a medium sized trucking/freight business. The trucks would be outfitted with various IoT-style sensor systems that would send meaningful data to a database not only relevant to company performance but to the insurance agency as well. The webpage is a tool to display and analyze the data for managers at Good Buddy to keep track of their progress and possibly create a reward system for good employee performance. This data, we hope, will be shared with the site creator, the insurance company, and allow the insurance agency to provide rewards as well based on low accident/ticket rates, etc.

How I built it

We started by installing Node.js onto our server in combination with Express.js. We used MongoDB as a database with Mongoose as our wrapper. Express.js acts as our API to our web application that populates all of its data from the server. Front end was built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with BootStrap.js to aid with styling.

Challenges I ran into

Obstacles we ran into included:

 - incorrect formatting of our http request to the server
 - general css 
 - learning bootstrap
 - Cross Origin Resource Sharing

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm particularly proud of the look and feel of the site. This is one of the first site's that I've worked on that is not purely data.

What I learned

We each learned new technologies that we didn't know before. Chris was able to teach more of the back end work that we were not confident with. Cole and myself, Scott, were able to complete the front end development partially at the same time as Chris was working on the back end.

What's next for Integrated Insurance Platform

We hope to expand the program to have more options such as update and create options from on the site. Currently, we can only read the data from the database with the app. We also that the data will be real-time sensor and not mock data.

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