According to experts from the Thompson Reuters mass media and information firm, it's almost impossible to keep up the massive stream of new information.

What it does

instaBrief crawls the Reuters API to search for videos related to your search term. We download the videos including meta information. In a second step we condense the information to a one minute video. The compaction leverages deep learning for image recognition and other machine learning techniques.

How we built it

The backend is written in python and deployed on a VPS. We wrote the front end using angular JS.

Challenges we ran into

The deployment of openCV turned out to be more time consuming than we thought. We worked hours on a single error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-First time python/bash hacking for video cutting. -Made a personal Red Bull record.

What we learned

The ideas grows and develops during implementation. We tried to get the VMP running

What's next for instaBrief

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