InspireRide provides the busy, bustling coders of the Silicon Valley with a little spontaneity. After a busy day, InspireRide takes the reigns and gives users some encouragement and a few enticing getaways matched with the user's drive for personal growth.

What it does

Inspire Ride is a motivational quotation generator and trip advisor for those who need a reinvigorating getaway.

How I built it

InspireRide is an iOS mobile application. With Swift and Xcode as the baseline language and environment, I also used the Google Maps API and Uber API for finding locations and providing the option for a direct trip to potential destinations. I also used the built in Apple Maps functionality to display the list of destinations.

Challenges I ran into

I struggled a bit with the URL scheme that was supposed to allow the user to seamlessly transfer to the Uber app with the click of the "request pickup" button. The main problem wasn't so much the formatting, but it was making sure that I retrieved the right data type for the needed values. For example, to set the user's pickup location, I needed to make sure the longitude and latitude values weren't integers, but were actually float values.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My initial intention of building Inspire Ride was born out of simply wanting to play with more APIs. I completed two relatively simple applications or "hacks" at SVHacks, this being the second of the two. Therefore, I'm still quite proud that I finished this application in a matter of five hours after taking quite a bit of time with the first one (Facebook Friends)

What I learned

While I felt like I mastered the code and logic behind maps thanks to the Google Maps and Apple Maps APIs, I also found out that I have a lot to learn with regards to how URL schemes work, not just for Uber, but for the many applications across the board that also utilize this important coding technicality.

What's next for InspireRide

I very much hope that I will be able to continue working on InspireRide after SVHacks. I believe it has some degree of potential as a leisure app, but nevertheless, I'll definitely try to resolve many of the issues that I could not tackle due to the 24 hour time restraint.

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