As ambitious college Computer Science students, we sometimes find it difficult to practice interview skills and to have access to the valuable questions asked by well-known big companies. InnerView is here to help. You can have first-hand experiences with interview questions from your dream companies and practice them conveniently all by yourself.

What it does

After you have an account and log in, InnerView will provide a list of well-known companies that you can choose from. Then you can select your desired company and start your completely personal interview preparation. It will give you an instant comprehensive evaluation about the usage of the word, the sentiment, analytics of speaker’s speaking convention and some facial expression evaluation.

How we built it

We split 4 group members into 3 tasks: front-end(2), back-end(1), and database(1).

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating and integrating successfully up to 8 APIs together with front-end, back-end, and database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Great teamwork, successfully reaches the goal of incorporating multiple APIs and platforms and continuous passion for our work during the hackathon.

What we learned

We've learned to integrate multiple APIs and cross platforms into a whole useful application as well as how to separate workload to group members to achieve high efficiency.

What's next for InnerView

We will enlarge our database for the different types of interview questions from different companies. On the technical side, we will also add more features to evaluate users' performance and better prepare them.

Built With

  • microsoft-face-api
  • microsoft-emotion-api
  • microsoft-bing-speech-api
  • microsoft-sql-database
  • microsoft
  • microsoft-blob-storage
  • luis(language-understanding)
  • web-app
  • node.js
  • c#
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