How to Develop an On-Demand Dog Walking App?

When we talk about pets the first name that crosses our mind is dogs. They have been human pals since the early times. You will be astonished to know that 48% of Americans have dogs as their pets.

In the contemporary world, entrepreneurs are coming up with magnificent, profitable and philanthropist ideas. They are helping out the dog lovers who have a scarcity of time. Dog walking apps are a rescue for such dog parents. Pet care market is a booming market. According to the research, by 2025 pet care market size will be worth $202.6 Billion.

Companies like Wag are already reaping benefits of these surging pet owners numbers by providing dog walking services. An impeccable app can take your entrepreneurship aspirations to unprecedented heights. Let's discuss the must-have features of a dog walking app before you start with the app development procedure:-

Dog walker profile

Dog parents are handing over their precious possessions so it is mandatory for you to provide them with the complete details of dog walkers. Dog parents will be more comfortable and relaxed when they know the details.

Schedule appointments

This feature enables customers to book appointments with the nearest Dog Walker for any kind of services required at any time they need. From here they can also cancel the booking without any trouble.

Information about dogs

It's mandatory for dog walkers too to get aware of the personal information of dogs. For eg- the name of the dog, breed, colour, weight, age, allergies, food, health information etc. This will be helpful for the dog walker to make a perfect connection with the dog and he/she will know what exactly the dog is liking and abhorring.

Push notifications

This will let the customers know about various information such as offers given by the company, latest updates, available dog walkers etc.

Geo-fencing tracking

Integrating the geo-fencing tracking will be like a cherry on the cake for your app. Dog parents will get alarms in case the dog walkers are breaching the assigned/permitted area. It will also be helpful for the dog walker to precisely know the permitted area.

Payments gateways

It allows users to pay instantly and hasslefree through the app. Multiple payment gateways should be provided like credit/debit cards, net banking etc. Although the app must have the option of cash payment. Customers should feel flexibility in payment options.


With this feature, you will be able to know whether your services are faultless or not. Feedbacks are the best way to overhaul your current system and turn it to a perfect one.

In a nutshell,

You are fortunate if you are getting a unique idea at the right time. You can be the pioneer or protagonist in the industry. Don't let the opportunity go in vain and hire a Dog walking mobile app development company to make your plan a success. You never know if you are going to be the next unicorn company.

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