Dive into a new leARning experience


During these pandemic days,many are facing issues while learning through online portals. So I took a step forward in resolving the common issues and further improvising it.

What it does

Indulge application helps in creating interactive virtual classrooms using the latest technologies like Augmented Reality and creates room for the virtual classroom. Augmented reality in education is surging in popularity in schools worldwide. Through AR, educators are able to improve learning outcomes through increased engagement and interactivity.AR features aspects that enhance the learning of abilities like problem-solving, collaboration, and creation to better prepare students for the future. Teachers can include custom AR objects and pre-recorded lecture videos which help students view course materials at the ease of their home. We have also integrated an ASSIST feature that guides the users step-by-step if they either need a walkthrough on a feature or if they encounter a bug. Our main advantage of this feature allows users can make use of an in-app screenshot feature with a doodle option on board with ease to contact the admin/developer hassle-free.

How I built it

Came across the Flutter technology recently and since then was caught up with it. We are amateurs and this is our first big step upfront on solving the problem with it. We have approached our problem with Flutter which makes the app run natively on all platforms. The UI is made with help of google's material UI. The feedbacks, assist is done with the help of wiredash which provides instant messages which the end-users provide. Would thank our sponsor echo-AR which helped us integrate AR seamlessly with our app. Indulge is a light-weight app which is available across various platforms- Mobile platforms- IOS, Android.

What's next for Indulge

Aim to increase security and add feature-rich contents and make our app more accessible to all age groups.We plan to improvise our app consistently for best end user satisfaction and also include virtual classroom through high-quality video calling with a low-latency experience.

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