Automated Monzo Receipt Reader


The API is going to use the Monzo API, Azure Vision API, building and integrating everything in Python. The goal is to take pictures of a receipt and run it through Microsoft Azure's Vision API to get a raw text dump file. We then take the raw text dump and try to analyse it line by line to see how it's structured and find patterns to how the receipt works. We then extract each item (quantities, singular item prices, total item prices) and feed it into the Monzo API. It refreshes at an interval to look for new attachments for transactions, runs it through the API and tabulates it into the receipt. This is done all natively and automatically in the Monzo application.

We've also utilised Azure to be able to read handwritten receipts, in the case that you're shopping at an old school shop

Attaching the photo of a receipt
alt text
Giving it a couple of seconds to refresh
alt text
The outcome
alt text

Hopefully we'll have enough time. rip in pepperino team.

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