The InComm Digital Solutions app leverages the Cashtie API to provide a fast and convenient way for consumers to shop for digital products while at their favorite brick and mortar retail store.

Consumers can easily access the retailer branded app by scanning a QR code, typing the mobile URL or texting a code to receiving a link, all on their mobile device. This information is communicated via any type of marketing materials. The solution can be built standalone or be embedded into retailer’s native application.

Once the consumer accesses the app, they can shop and discover a number of various digital products. Once they’ve decided on their purchase, they are provided a barcode, which is the same barcode that is on the back of physical gift cards today and provided via the Cashtie API. This barcode allows for the secure activation of the digital product. The cashier scans the barcode from the consumer’s mobile device and completes the transaction the same way as a traditional physical gift card purchase. No changes to the retailer’s POS system is required to utilize this solution.

Once the purchase has been paid and completed at the POS, the consumer can easily add their product to a mobile wallet, immediately gift it to someone else or add it to their digital locker with the retailer for easy access anytime.

By leveraging the Cashtie API, the InComm Digital Solutions app provides unlimited options for a consumer to discover digital products for all their needs and pay for them alongside any of their other in-store purchases.

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