Impel is an innovative solution uniquely designed to help motivate people and communities to become fitter by providing an incentivized approach both from a financial as well as social rewards.

It does so by leveraging the power of blockchain technology specifically the powerful and exhaustive N3 platform to lay out a decentralized smart contract to manage the financial commitments to challenges as well as the rewards and NFT Tokens also managed on N3 for the intangible social rewards via Winner's badges.

Inspiration We were enthusiastic about smart contracts and especially the bunch of capabilities which the N3 blockchain platform provides. We were in a matter of conversation discussing about betting with each other on who would go running daily and who would stop in a week :) and that's where it clicked and then gradually the idea started taking shape in the backdrop of the Frontier Launchpad Hackathon


We had done few prototypes on Blockchain earlier and always wanted to do more and thus this was the opportunity that we were looking for. Learnings were tremendous, the biggest of them all being deploying a live smart contract and building a fully-integrated dapp around it. Also, got to dabble with NFTs and Oracles which we had just studied as concepts earlier.

Challenges Of course, the project wasn't easy in any way. The entire paradigm of development that we were used to was different here. We did struggle with few areas, especially around client-side integration with the Neon-JS and Neoline. Also, data type conversions and using a subset of the C# language kept springing in new surprises but overall it was great learning and glad that such a responsive community was there to support the participants throughout the hackathon period and I am sure it will be beyond that as well.

Project Details Please go through the details of our project, the various modules and plans for the future. Can't be more excited to take this forward. link

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