Carbon emissions and climate change is at the forefront of the news, and will only continue to grow in presence as the pandemic subdues. That is why I have created impACT. It is a web app which lets you make sense of climate change and the impact which you are having. I wanted to make something which is accessible and easy for everyone to use and understand. It has a minimalist and easy to follow design as well as many features which improve your ability to make a positive contribution to the planet.

What it does

impACT has several different features. You are initially taken to the homepage where you are prompted to sign in and are also given the option to share the webpage on social media. Once you are logged in, you are taken to the main page of the website which hosts the 4 features:

  • Carbon Footprint Calculator: using data from multiple sources including the WHO, the UN, and WWF, you can fill in a short questionnaire and are then shown the amount of carbon dioxide which your activities produce in a month. Once you have received this total, you can then learn about how it was calculated, and explore the other options which would reduce your carbon footprint.
  • There is also a carbon footprint calculator specifically for journeys where you enter your distance, fuel type, and car type to get a carbon estimate for that journey. From here, there is a page which explains ways in which you could offset that journey!
  • Data Visualisations: Using data from the UN, the WHO, and other sources, I have created graphs using Plotly which are displayed and explained on this page. Further down, there is also a linked interactive map which explores how different areas are to warm in the future.
  • Discord bot: the final feature is a discord bot which evaluates how eco-friendly your shopping habits are. You can enter a fabric type, an appliance, or a food product, and impACT bot will tell you about the environmental impact of that item, and suggest some alternatives which are better fro the environment!

How we built it

The website has been created in pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The carbon footprint calculator utilises HTML forms, as does the journey tracker. The 'reduce your carbon footprint' page contains a sorting mechanism which was created using vanilla javascript. Data visualisations were carried out in python using Plotly, and the discord bot was also created using python

Challenges we ran into

I was unable to find any team mates, though I spend the first day trying to do so. This meant I had to quickly come up with an idea and start coding it myself. I had never created a discord bot so I was unsure of how to use the bot token to make it run, but once I figured that out, it was pretty smooth. BUT I had a full cry because none of my javascript working but it turns out I used 'class' instead of 'id' in the HTML haha

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of managing to create a discord bot for the first time! I couldn't figure out how to embed my Plotly graphs so I took photos of them and I am really glad I thought of that solution! I am also really proud that I used JavaScript in a more more advanced way than I ever have before!

What we learned

I learned how to get the inputs of a form using javascript and use them to perform calculations which I have never done before! I also learned how to use to create a discord bot :))

What's next for impACT

I would really like to gain some react native skills and use them to turn impACT into a mobile app which would mean that more people can benefit from the features it offers. I would also like to implement the login system to have a backend such as firebase, as well as potentially making the discord bot into a chatbot.

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