The iMedia A7 instructional application allows teachers to deliver short video-developed lessons to middle school students while allowing the students to engage in a story-based learning game that assesses what the student learning in that lesson.

In the URL we have submitted, the application specifically shows interaction of an A7 character requesting the selection to be made of math problems provided related to the lesson in a time and score based environment.

Scores are logged and the student may review his/her score in a leader board amongst other students, if they wish. The student may retry the learning game for the lesson as often as they want so they may continue to review material they learned and improving their score. If the student chooses not to, they may move to the next lesson.

Comes with over 60 interactive lessons and associated learning games.

Current material covers: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Order of Operations, Basic Equations, and more.

Teachers can request to have their video lessons added and practice material introduced into the learning game that maps to the video lesson. This complete process takes a short time empowering each teacher to offer a personalized interactive experience to their students in and outside the classroom.

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