With so many tools available to provide a real transformation to our customers businesses, we decided to tackle a sensitive subject in Latin America: making sure that temperature-sensitive assets are preserved accordingly, protecting consumers while optimizing our customer business operation.

What it does

Using Beacons from Ruuvi connected via Wireless (standard Bluetooth Low Energy) to an open-hardware gateway, we can monitor multiple points simultaneously without limitations.

All information is encrypted and transported securely to our AWS IOT cloud where data is fed into multiple applications.

These applications range from an operational dashboards into our customer Operations Center to mobile apps where alarms and insights are delivered real time to each stakeholder.

How we built it

We started with the open-hardware gateway capabilities making sure that Beacon auto-discovery and Telemetry data capture where support by our Python code and replicated to the MQTT socket accordingly. Many Ruuvitag firmware flavors were tested in order to ensure data reliability.

For consistent data capture, we use a superb Python library provided by TTU, making it easy for us to publish consistent data on demand.

In AWS a series of rules and triggers are executed in order to replicate each message published from the gateway to a given topic into its correspondent flow from ElasticSearch to many other repositories to feed our Dashboards, Applications and Alarm/Notification engines.

Each end AWS service, from an EC2-hosted Grafana server to our AWS SNS topics for notifications, is orchestrated to serve an Operational needs in temperature-sensitive industries.

Challenges we ran into

Making sure that the system has an easy setup has being tough, now our solution only requires an AC power feed and a network connection.

Automating connections to customer networks is still a challenge as well as adding resilience to power failures which are common in some customer premises.

Our toughest challenge is to continue to make our front-end applications and dashboards more user-friendly to reach a broad, non-technical, non-operational user crowd.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having our solution running for months without any interruption and detecting problems like humidity spikes due to door openings or leakage due to incorrect protections.

Having this project running in real-time, non-stop for judges to evaluate.

What we learned

How powerful is service orchestration? It´s ground-breaking and AWS makes it easy. Triggers and Serverless architecture is awesome.

What's next for ImaguSCC - Smart Cold Chain

We are actively adding more capabilities such as detection of door openings that may disrupt the cold chain cycle, augmenting our sensor beacon density and range beyond 8 units and 25 meters and so much more. We are building the most complete and cost-effective solution for Cold Chain monitoring across industries.

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