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Hey guys In order for me to make original pop tracks, I need grants/donations/gifts so that I’m able to purchase type beats (along with hopefully pro-bono/gratis/barter work too) that sound like what’s on the radio. I also will use that capital to go to a recording studio to get help from audio engineers to manipulate my vocals/allow me to use their equipment/autotune software/and to pay songwriters. I’d estimate that this is thousands in financing. This is what I have dreamt of since high school..only now am I able to explain my imagination into words. I’ll need your support the whole time through as when the songs are released, if my business model and marketing plan work (see below) then I’ll break even or more. If I do net profit, then I can reinvest the disposable capital into making more songs, better music videos, cooler merch designs, a concert, and more. My short term goal is to obtain seed-stage funding to launch and become a self sustaining venture that grows.

Music makes me feel good and it lets me express the different emotions and thoughts I have as a human. I enjoy sharing stories and it’s really awesome to know others like what I’m making.

My first song is about me sailing in the islands then visiting my brother and sister in the city (New York City). It’s to a girl but not someone I know so she’s an imaginary friend which is why I’m calling my album Imaginary Friends.

I’m trying to figure out how I can help one person’s life by what I make. I think if it can provide them even temporarily happiness and peace that’s something I am ok with. Ultimately I would like it to be a grand scale that contributes to the collective art of humanity. I will strive to make art that impacts people’s lives in some aspect.

Costs: —To buy the rights to an individual instrumental, that’s $350 (all rights to the beat + Unlimited number of revisions + vocal revisions + vocal mixing (if needed) + mastering (if needed). Or the price to lease beats I’ve seen is $30. —And then there is the price for studio time, ranging from $59-$90 per hour. —In addition to those, I’m looking for songwriting help and so that’s $100 each hour during studio sessions. And they consult for $100/ hour plus tax for someone to sit and speak with someone. —To release music on a platform like Spotify/Apple etc, that’s a fee via CD Baby of approximately $29.95. —CD Baby offers mixing and mastering. —Lessons at Guitar Center are $259 for 4 hours or four half hour lessons to allow me to learn a bit about the DAW software, ProTools.

My business model —Get hundreds of thousands + audio streams on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc. —Sell products from my eCommerce store:

  • T-shirts and merch, (maybe I’ll add perfume, and so forth.) —Be approved to advertise on YouTube (To qualify: 1k subs and 4k hours of watch time) —Paid sponsorships —Movie and tv licensing —Startup-investing — YouTube merch shelf requires 10k subs among elgibilities —Fashion lines —Music (Physical CDs, Digital Downloads, Vinyl, etc.) —Merch (CDs, Shirts, Posters, etc) —Concert Tickets —Automated merch sales —YouTube ad revenue —Brand Deal revenue —Digital song royalty —Automated merch sales —Creative Merch Bundles (Group of Products) —Brand endorsements (aka Sponsorships, Brand Deals, etc) (Influencer marketing) (1000k views = $50-$100, 10k views = $500-10k, 100k views = $5k-$10k, 1m views = $50k-$100k) touring releasing albums,l product endorsement deals.. teamed up with x to promote the y company’s brand. appear in a commercial performed on the x company Tour. credits as a composer royalties advances playing live selling merchandise licensing fees for music cds vinyl cassettes digital downloads streaming revenue live shows original music live shows cover songs live shows house concerts live shows online physical merch digital merch crowdfunding subscriptions VIP fan experiences public performance royalties digital royalties live performance royalities mechanical royalties master use/sync licensing fee facebook and ig video monetization youtube sponsorships music grants session work songwriting/composing music lessons Exclusive gigs finding sponsorships booking venues selling compilation CD’s & merchandise reaching out to press touring with other brands.

Hurdles —“In 2014, there were 27.98 million musiciansin the U.S.“ —“So we don't know every song ever written. But a company called Gracenote keeps a list of all the songs out there: it had 79 million songs on it as of 2011. To get a sense of that number, 79 million minutes is about 150 years…so if most of the songs are from the year 1866 onward, that's 1 new song every minute. Bedtime Math › fun-math-songs-in-... ​ ​Resources required. When people are involved it requires time/talent/knowledge:Photography Photographer

  • Camera
  • Editing software Film Cinematographer.. Camera man on flat serface. Wide in curl in and out
  • Equipment: Gimbal, Light fixtures, A camera play with setting to make tones, PR
  • canva Graphic Design Marketing & Advertising Songwriting Stage production Etc Etc

My marketing strategy —Getting friends+family to use the product —Emailing/posting among local community, whether that’s college or an alumni mailing list or whatever —Guest writing on niche blogs – often see this with mommy blogs, etc. —Cold e-mailing potential users and influencers —Engaging with potential users over Twitter, Reddit, forums, and other communities —Contests and giveaways, partnering with a blogger/YouTuber or something —Getting covered in niche press outlets, like the tech press —“Weeding ceremonies or other forms of social gathering like birthdays, bachelor’s nights, marriage receptions, basically for any type of social gathering” — Positive reviews, word of mouth

Stage performance quality tips —Singing talents —energetic performance —great audio-visual effects

Fan feedback/validation/testimonials (To showcase that I am making something people want): • “And I Think You Have Amazing Voice. Girls Will Go Crazy.” • “It looks great and your music is beautiful.” wow, what an amazing song, i’ll show it to my friends! • “yo mate, i love this :) .. you are a talented • singer buddy” “Hey Ellery!!! u voice is really so amazing!!!” and Nd this song is impressive!!! i really liked this one...” + ” + “Nd u wrote this song by urself...Whoa!!! that's kinda Cooo!! great!!! Go on buddy!!! Just Can't wait to listen up ur more songs... ” Awesome, I liked it a lot! Yes, I can share • You have a beautiful voice •“It’s definitely beautiful I would love to share it with friends” and “You sound amazing” • “This is good men!!” • “..Your voice is so sweet “ • “Omg ! Your song is so amazing ! • The lyrics is so meaningful and cute The guitar corporates your voice perfectly” • “I really like it :)“ I’ve already shared it on my Twitter account and WhatsApp status • “It sounds awesome.” • “amazing” “Dude I listened to your song on my drive home and I f#ck with it“

Hey Ellery! I listen to your song and I think it sounds great. I love the guitar and the way you layered some of the voices!” • And anecdotally my song was played for an acapella group. They clapped. Also anytime I’ve play the song to a girl they say positively say in surprise, “is that you?”

And when I asked, “If I made a shirt that said “Island City” on it, is that something you’d buy?”...the responses were: • “If it looks cool” • “Depends on how good it looks” • “I think that would be very interesting..But you got my full support to do what you want to.” • “Oh yeah for sure” • “If it will be a nice style, i get” •“ well it depends ...” “Idk maybe” OMG, your voice is really really good, it's better than the last time, and the background voices is so nice, Well, what does the song means?

I’m going to ask what they consider to be cool

Hmmm, the song, your voice, the instrument used are good, just the editing of the video needs to be improve

But little by little, you're improving, even the recording is better than before

A cool side note: 150 streams = 1 song (RIAA) 500k song sales, gold/1m song sales, platinum

Credits: I found some of these via Andrew Chen, Dave Days, The Rolling Stone Magazine, conversations with people, and various googling around.

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