It can be challenging to make new friends, especially when in a new town or at a new school. Some people may find it difficult to start a conversation with a new face because they can’t always think of words to say, don’t have a reason to, or don’t want to come off as weird. It can also be hard to tell if someone wants to stay and chat or not. When at a public location like a campus dining hall for example, sometimes people with an iPhone will use AirDrop to start a conversation. The main function of AirDrop is to be able to easily drop pictures onto another person’s phone, they have to be close by for it to work. There different privacy settings that can be configured, with one being the option to allow anyone to AirDrop. Sometimes people will create a message using Notepad or Messages, screenshot it, and then airdrop that image onto a nearby persons phone. The solution to all of these problems is this app where locals can connect with one another online and then hopefully take that conversation to real life. It helps break the ice between starting a conversation with someone.

What it does

Allows the user to connect with locals to start a conversation and hopefully want to chat in person. There's also a locals feed, where the user can read local posts and find someone with similar interests to get connected with and go do the activity together.

How we built it

It's a prototype built in Adobe XD because we are both UX designers with little programming knowledge.

Challenges we ran into

We wish we were able to making a working app but have little programming knowledge. Also, through user testing we learned that there were some screens missing that we hadn't thought of and some function errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a good functioning, working prototype.

What we learned

More aspects of the program, Adobe XD. Learned that there are plugins and templates that can be downloaded. Also, the animate feature on Adobe XD.

What's next for Ice Breaker

Going through with more in depth user testing to find more ways to improve the app.

Built With

  • adobexd
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