I-dogs is navigator in the world of dogs.

Goal of the app is to connect different dogs so they can walk and play together. Owner of the dog need to download app and find matching dog by different criterias: place for walking, breed, things that dog likes, dog’s behavior and etc. Also he can find dog just using GPS in his smartphone. And also he can find friend for himself.

This app is different from other apps and web-sites because:

First, the interactive map that is divided into three independent maps: finding friend for walks, searching of missing dogs, and finding closest dog places (for example, veterinary clinic).

Second, important function that allows to note sibling connection between dogs (it is key point for dog breeders).

Third, it is unique opportunity to communicate online in a new format. There is no more multipage forums. You can publish short posts with advices, communicate with other owners of dogs, receive the professional help from experts and simply you can share your photos.


  1. Freemium business model (some services are requiring payment).
  2. Dog places can be marked for money.
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