We are a team of smarthome owners. And we love our data, unfortunately while most smarthomes applications can get you real time view they usually lack the interesting part, the history and analytics

What it does

HundredGraphs collects data, aggregates it, provides AI-powered optimization feedback. Smart home owners can save up to 25% of energy and monthly bill through the optimization by existing estimate.

How I built it

We have used MongoDB, Meteor.js, and Node.js

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the AI energy adviser for smart home owners, while there are a few of B2B solutions, but they are quite expensive and corporate targeted

What I learned

Complicated aggregation pipeline was something new for me

What's next for HundredGraphs

There is only way way for data flowing for now, it is going to HundredGraphs, the next step would be more integrated solution which can push analyzed data or create a trigger in IFTTT.

We are working on AI predictions for usage pattern based on user location and community feeds. It would help users to better predict and automate various smart devices throughout the house. The simplest example would be to switch off Tesla charger during peak hours and switch it on after.

The World is Flat and Connected

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