As a patient, finding a dentist is hard to do because:

  1. Complete dental provider data is not available in a single source
  2. The data fragmented amongst many sources requires accuracy & integrity validation (address, phone number, emergency availability, plans accepted, minimum age, accepting new patients, ratings, multiple office locations, services provided, etc.)

Differential and Astronomer combined to tackle this challenge and provide a solution.

What it does

Proposes the UI/UX design (Differential) + the data architecture solution (Astronomer)

How I built it

100% open-source platforms

Challenges I ran into

Data accuracy, which is why we're here!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Multi-tier cross-validation with open source technologies, and a great UI/UX.

What I learned

So much about the challenge! We're enthusiastic about pursuing this further.

What's next for Humana Data Jam: Differential | Astronomer Team

Gain expertise with industry regulations, and create solutions to more problems in the health care & dental space.

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