Upon creating a Google form, we realized that there is a huge lack of information regarding human trafficking within America. After doing some more research, we realized that human trafficking is a $32 billion industry. We were immediately inspired to create a project that would help combat this inhumane evil.

What it does

The website is intended to create awareness about human trafficking. It provides explanations, statistics, quizzes, victim testimonies, and ways that users can get involved. The iOS app is geared towards victims, first-responders, and people who want to help. For people who have been forced into the human trafficking industry, the app utilizes the google maps API to display various locations that they can travel or reach out to for help. Additionally, the app enables victims to share their locations, and first responders, volunteers who will have been pre-screened extensively, will be able to travel to them and aid them. This is intended for situations in which the situation does not warrant calling the police, but the victim still requires help. The Android app collects data from users regarding where trafficking incident occur. It then uses machine learning techniques to perform data analysis on this information, which is stored in the Firebase database. Through this, the app is able to determine locations where human trafficking occurs repeatedly and report this to the authorities.

How we built it

We built the Android app using MIT App Developer and Java. The iOS app was created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript layers. The website was created using an online developer toolkit.

Challenges we ran into

While creating the android app, it was very difficult to test out our app since the WIFI on our android device was extremely slow. The worst challenge we faced was while researching human trafficking. The stories that we read and the surprising stats that we saw online shocked us. We found it an emotionally harrowing experience to perform our research.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud that we were able to create an iOS app, Android app, and a website. Additionally, we are very happy that we were able to determine the algorithm to perform data analysis in our Android app. We are also proud of the polling that we were able to do, as this helped us understand the magnitude of the importance of human trafficking awareness.

What we learned

We learned about different types of machine learning and artificial intelligence. With this knowledge, we were able to code for a database and calculate the density of an area.

What's next for Human Trafficking Education and Life Protection (HELP)

Next, we will be expanding our services beyond California. New York and Florida also have a huge number of occurrences of human trafficking. We would like to extend our iOS app to them as well.

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