About Our Project

HuatLah! is a platform that is design to revolutionize the way you give a helping hand to the beneficiaries (the needy). Imagine you have a HuatLah! card that allow you to earn reward points through every purchases or transactions you made by keeping the changes to the nearest dollar each time. These reward points can then be used to redeem various attractive vouchers, ranging from F&B industry leaders to many techy giants.

Sound cool huh? But, where to all these money changes go?

Well, all these money changes will be accumulated into a reservoir fund, which will be used to help the beneficiaries, such as people who have low income and even the homeless. To them, it is always difficult to bring back bread and butter every day. Therefore, we hope that through our project, no one should be fretting about bread and butter issues anymore.


We hope to partner with various Community Foundations (especially Santa Cruz Community Foundation since we are developing HuatLah! in Hack UCSC 2016), so that we can collaborate with them to manage this fund.

Is this all what we got?

Nope, the aforementioned is definitely not all of the features that HuatLah! got. Using NFC technology, we will be issuing a HuatLah! card to those who sign up with us, and another HuatLah! card for the beneficiaries through the aid of the Community Foundation. Every beneficiary will be entitled to 3 meals a day (each meal is about $2) and they can redeem these meals through F&B retailers who have incorporated with our system. We welcome any retailers to collaborate with us to make HuatLah! happen.

Save One From Hunger. Alleviate Poverty. Sign Up With Us Now!

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