We help not-so-tech-savvy chefs cook up savoury digital content.

Inspired by the Japanese phrase Omakase meaning "I'll leave it up to you", our app allows customers to fully trust us with their social media management.

After the devastation of the food service industry from COVID-19, our team wanted to help our amazing, local mom&pop owners curate engaging online posts with an easy, hands-off approach, so they can spend more time doing what they're best at.

What it does

Omakase is specialized in generating and automating the social media content lifecycle for busy restaurant owners. Omakase takes in user-generated photos and captions, automatically generates tags, and specifically find the best time to post restaurant-related posts.

By combining Hootsuite's powerful scheduling API with our timing recommendation engine, restaurant owners can leave it up to us to find the best time for generating maximum customer traffic to their social media posts.

How we built it

Frontend: React

Backend: Firebase

Omakase was built with a React frontend and a Firebase backend for rapid prototyping. We've also integrated Hootsuite's API in order to automatically schedule social media posts and better interact with the user's social media ecosystem.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the perfect name for our product! We eventually stumbled onto "Omakase" and fell in love with the word and the meaning behind it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of coming up with an idea that can help so many restaurant owners, especially during this difficult time with the pandemic.

What's next for Omakase

Omakase hopes to expand to other metropolitan areas in Canada. We then have our sites locked on expanding to major English-speaking countries such Australia, the UK, India, and the US, all of which happen to be top Hootsuite users by country!

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