Brother is a famous printer manufacturing industry around the globe. People prefer Brother devices for printing as they are robust and cost-effective. The user can find lots of printer models in Brother at good prices. These devices are robust but still many users get issues while using the Brother printer.

Common reasons behind Brother primer not working

1). Your printer is not connected 2). Brother printer face a runtime error 3). Paper jamming 4). Printer services stop working 5). Your printer driver gets corrupted 6). Printhead is clogged 7). Brother printer can’t fetch the ink

Resolving Brother printer not working error

Restart the Brother printer

If the printer stopped working, you should restart it. The user often faces issues when its services stop working. These services are necessary to run the printer. You have to restart the printer to resume the service. Go to the printer and remove the power cable directly. Reconnect the cable and your Brother printer will start automatically. After the power restart, all the services will run from the beginning. Once the printer services are working, you should check for errors.

Reconnect the Brother printer/scanner

If the Brother scanner not connecting to PC then check the connection cable. Your printer or scanner shows a connection error if the USB cable is loose or faulty. You should inspect the cord and then try reconnecting the scanner. Remove the cord and check its pins for any damage. If the cable has any kinks then find a new cable for your scanner. The printer will start working when it gets connected. On the network printing, the user has to fix the router. Restart the router and enable the WPS. When the WPS is ON, click the Wi-Fi button on the printer.

Use the troubleshooter

If the Brother printer is not taking print jobs then you can try using the printer troubleshooter. It is the inbuilt Windows tool that can inspect the errors on the printer. Whenever the printer is not working due to any file issues; the troubleshooter will fix it. You have to open your computer and go to the troubleshooter page. Now click on the Printer/Scanner troubleshooter. Now the troubleshooting tool will start working and then searching for all the files which are causing an error. The tool will fix the corrupted printer files on the PC. Now close the troubleshooter and resend the print job to the Brother device.

Repair the Brother printer driver

Your Brother printer will stop working when the driver is corrupted. For the printer and PC communication; you need the driver. Without this, the printer can’t read the print commands. If the printer is not working then go to the PC and check its driver. Immediately check for the update of the driver. Go to your drivers’ tab and click on Brother printer software. Hit the Update and wait. After updating, the Brother software will start working and you can take the printouts. If the driver files are corrupted then you have to run the driver repair tool. The tool will fix all those files and then the driver will start working. But when the driver is still not working then reinstall it. Go to the Brother driver and remove it. Now install the driver for your Brother model on the PC. Reconnect the Brother device and now you can easily take the printouts.

Inspect the cartridge on the Brother printer

The printer cartridges can also get the device into error. If the cartridges are not installed correctly; the printer can’t find them. Without ink, the printer won’t work. You have to inspect your cartridges on the device. Go to your printer and check the cartridges. Eject the cartridges from the Brother printer. Reinsert the cartridges on your Brother device and now check the error. If any cartridge pin is damaged; you have to get a new cartridge as without pins the printer can’t detect your cartridge. Install all cartridges correctly and then take your printouts. If any cartridge seems empty; replace it. Don’t install the clone cartridge on the Brother printer. If you can’t purchase the original cartridge; refill the old cartridges. After refilling, close the lid and shake the cartridge. Now insert the refilled cartridge on your printer and take the printout.

Clean the Brother printhead

If the printhead is not moving correctly; clean it. The head gets clogged due to dried ink. Use the Brother printer utility to clean the head. After cleaning, the printhead will move correctly and you can take the printouts reliably from the Brother device.

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