What it does

2FA is one of the best security techniques that use two layers to verify a consumer’s identity. Two-factor authentication requires a code to be sent via text message to a consumer's phone number or created through an app.

This kind of verification code helps and ensures that only the approved consumer can access their account. Likewise, multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers two or more authentication layers to affirm account access for consumers.

How to Set up 2FA on Social Media Accounts?

2FA requires more than one factor to login. This might include parameters like "something you are," for instance, biometrics in the form of iris scan or fingerprints, "something you know," a secret word, and "something you have," like a smartphone or equipment key.

Setting Up 2FA with LoginRadius Adaptive 2FA/ MFA solutions

LoginRadius gives multi-factor authentication via SMS, email, automated phone calls, account security questions, and authenticator apps to permit you a customized user experience.

Based on your business, you can decide to use LoginRadius's Identity Platform's Multi-factor authentication, which is a simple process.

Right now, LoginRadius provides its support authentication methods through SMS workflow and Google Authenticator workflow.

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