Houston InnoGrid will be a model for addressing the lack of energy resiliency in climate-sensitive urban, mixed-use environments, with a focus on equity. We propose a nonprofit approach employing an innovative business model to help solve this problem specifically in Houston's Innovation Corridor through the development of a microgrid that serves to harden the Innovation Corridor against disruptive events. Microgrids in an urban environment will help support the power resiliency of both corporate entities and residential units located in the corridor. Additionally it will allow for testing of new and innovative technologies on the microgrid.

This project will bring together funding from a combination of sources: federal funding (such as grants from the DoE), as well as earned income from both corporate rent (which will be charged at a premium), and use or membership fees from innovators and Electricity System Operators (ESOs) to test their emerging tech on the microgrid. The combined funds from these sources will help subsidize some residential units for low-moderate households in the Innovation corridor. This will allow Houston’s innovation corridor to move forward with the energy transition initiatives as part of the Climate Action Plan, keeping equity and community impact as a cornerstone.

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