Tourism an $18 billion industry and a primary mover in the local San Diego economy.

Two types of tourists in San Diego: Those that plan out everything and those that come last minute, often last minute or for business.

The latter group tends to end up in dive bars, or just not have a good time.

It's hard finding a local to tell you where the rest of the locals are having fun. At the same time, local vendors and smaller events often miss out on tourist dollars because they don't have the same visibility as large franchises.

There are two components to our application: 1) At-a-glance heat map of pedestrian activity in your surrounding area based on geolocation. This gives you a view that only locals generally are familiar with.

2) A list of upcoming events based on SD event city permits, along with different transit options culled from Google's databases. Giving visitors different options for transportation makes them more likely to explore SD.

Even as locals we found ourselves surprised that we could find things that we could do this weekend. For example, a Chili cook off.

Things we would have planned to do: Show available parking capacity based on surrounding sensors. Social media integration such as photos from instagram and twitter. Customized text notifications for what to do this weekend based on your preferences.

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