A great challenge

This weekend was much useful and meaningful. I had great opportunity to work with two languages which I’ve listened, but never had encoded it so far. This was an amazing challenge for me because I needed to learn these languages and also I have to do the project. Furthermore, I’ve tried to do with all encoding with partner in order to not present a dirty code. In addition, I observed that the Golang is very powerful and it’s a backend plataform which I‘m going to keep studying and also doing a specialization. Although, I didn’t have a good adaptation of the react native, probably because the lack of documents. In my opinion, even so this language be very promissory, it’s not so mature yet. Indeed, where I’ve had more difficult in this project was to do a login with Facebook, because I was trying to use a Facebook’s library react-native-fbsdk and I thought the documentation a bit failure. Since I not had enough time to learn fully these languages, I had a lot of fun with this project and I’m very grateful to see the product working well. The IOS project was not done because I didn’t have a computer to execute the X code.

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