As a student, I recognized my personal struggles in keeping track of all the assignments and due dates in different classes especially as course load piled on, so I tried to create an app that would simplify this process.

What it does

This app allows you to keep track of all your homework assignments and tasks, to label it by class, due date, and write a description.

How we built it

I used MIT App Inventor.

Challenges we ran into

Having never used MIT App Inventor before, I had to quickly figure out different functions and there were some things I wanted to be able to do, but was not able to figure out in such a small time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of putting in all my effort for my first hackathon and first app.

What we learned

I learned skills in using MIT App Inventor and about coding and computer science through the Citro Hacks hackathon.

What's next for Homework Helper

Once I become more skilled, I would like to try to create a better, more update and fully-flushed out version of the app with all the functions I planned for.

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