We heard about the verizon thingspace api and thought it sounded pretty cool. We were all interested in getting our hands dirty with IoT, so that's what we did.

What it does

Provides an android phone app, and PC Java interface to control many household devices including door locks, washing machine and light fixtures. We have also created a GUI to simulate interacting with different devices in home.

How we built it

With JavaFX (a GUI framework), Android Studio and of course, the Verizon thingspace device messaging API

Challenges we ran into

Working with http requests, a brand new foray for all four of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing a product that actually works, and gaining valuable experience in a technology/framework that we were excited about, and yet unfamiliar with.

What we learned

How to successfully interface with a variety of IoT style devices using the dweet system. Building a product and a team from scratch, making the best use of our selves and our time.

What's next for HomeConnect

The logical next step would be to test it with physical, rather than virtual devices. I think I speak for all four of us when I say that this won't be our last pet project with IoT.

-Sam Everett

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