We got inspired by our own daily-life challenges and the ones in our surroundings. One of the most immediate ones to draw our eyes was: boredom. This lead to a very down-feeling community, and people with nothing to do.

What it does

We built the Hobby-Finder in two parts. One is a web-application, and other is the quiz that this program runs to find personalized hobbies.

How we built it

We used Python, HTML, and CSS- all of this was done from

Challenges we ran into

As first-time programmers, and novice coders- we ran into many challenges. For example, when we were building the quiz, we ran into a invalid syntax error- and we just couldn't figure out was was wrong. At the end, we found this to be the indentation. Another huge problem that we ran into was how to connect our web-application to our quiz, since they were both dealt with in different languages. But then, we figured out a much easier way- we just added a link to our quiz on our web-application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of many things, our idea, our logistics in applying it, and most of all, how we dealt with our challenges. Through this process, we learned and grew a lot. This project, being our first one turned out better than we had thought!

What we learned

We leaned several things. The basics of Python, HTML, CSS. We also learned things by attending workshops- like neural networks (a very interesting one) and Futures In STEM was also very informative.

What's next for Hobby-Finder

We are planning to keep working on this project later. In the future, we would like to connect Python and HTML in a better way. We would also like to learn new features of HTML that can enhance our website and make it more dynamic. Also, we would like to make some changes to the "Hobbies page" making the plus sign, so that people could make another box.

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