We were inspired by SxSW music fans high fiving each other. High fiving is a well known gesture interaction and used among many music fans around the world. Our idea is to enhance this interaction by enabling users share their music preference. We also thought it would be interesting for artist and promoters see when and where their fans were emotionally moved enough to connect during their show.

What it does

Live High five is an mobile app that senses your high five gesture and records when, where and who you interacted with. Users can later browse who you high fived with and tracks and artist they like. Our original idea was to have separate bracelet type device for sensing high fives, but due to limitations, we decided to use motion sensors on smartphones to detect high five gesture.

How we built it

We build 3 server APIs and client Android app. Used framework Spring Boot and Hibernate for server APIs.

Challenges we ran into

How to track gesture motion with enough accuracy? Where and how to get user's music preferences, Spotify?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Focusing on end user and their lean forward behavior and following through with it.

What we learned

Tracking these "lean forward" behaviors of fans at concert venue maybe very valuable indicators. Incorporating this idea on smartwatch apps may have been a better strategy.

What's next for Live High Five

Wrist attached motion sensor will enable artists and promoters to monitor their emotional reactions like high fives or clapping hands. Maybe expanding use scene to sporting events as well.

Built With

  • hibernate
  • spring-boot
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