The problem we set out to solve was to help journalists protect their sensitive information. Journalist Christopher Reeve explained that a common problem for journalists working in countries with strict censorship and conflict is ensuring the privacy of documents from research and interviews. A consequence of this is difficulty attaining the trust of interviewees and protecting the privacy of both parties. Our target users are not only journalists who want to protect their work and identities, but also journalists who need a easy-to-use application that provides the needed service.

The typical way to protect your information is to encrypt the file itself. However, the problem is that an encrypted file arouses suspicion to those who are looking for something.

In our service, key features that we are especially proud of are the implementation of the hiding algorithms, the encryption of the inserted file, and the abstraction of the internals of the program into a user friendly application. In just 48 hours, we were able to build a fully functioning app that supplies a much needed service that journalists all over the world are seeking for.

Lastly, our service would allow the user to transfer their files anonymously. You can send someone the encrypted file, which they can decrypt later using our service. This way, you can transfer potentially incriminating information while appearing as if you're just transferring normal documents.

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