Recycling is one way most people can try to help sustain the environment without any expensive equipment, and there are many well-meaning people who may not understand what they're throwing away is actually recyclable.

What it does

A fun game that gives people insight on what's actually recyclable and what's not. There may be some surprising facts in there as well!

How I built it

We used Python and

Challenges I ran into

We kept getting circular imports, due to importing various files in the same files. We realized we should put more focus on the actual gameplay, instead of exploring a multi-room house. The recycling guide worked well at the beginning and began breaking towards the end. If you search up the guide in the living room it will be fine, however, if you try to look at it while you're asked about whether an item is recyable or in the kitchen (aka Level 2), the game will throw an error and end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was our first time creating an entire text adventure from scratch, so we're proud we were able to get a working product in. We also learned quite a few surprising recycling facts in the process, and hopefully others will be able to learn them too.

What I learned

We learned about classes and objects, circular imports, and about various recycling statistics.

What's next for Helyx Recycling Text Adventure

We're planning on adding rooms and fighting a trash monster that appears if too much trash accumulates.

Built With

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