Since the start of the pandemic, everything has changed. Education also has gone through transformations in every area ranging from teaching to exams. As a college student, education is very important to me. Studying from home is stressful and requires help from others. However, it creates many opportunities for new technologies to emerge.

What it does

HelpPeer is an Android application that allows users to post about their meeting sessions and explore others'. We usually do recitation session in classes once every week and only people enrolling in the class knows about them. With the HelpPeer you can post your exam prep sessions, anime watching, among-us, and literally anything. Others can explore available sessions and join one they are interested in.

How we built it

I have built the application using Java, Firebase Firestore for the database, Firebase Authentication for user management. I created a database for sessions with their title, description, time, date, link. Users can cancel, edit and share their meetings. The app also allows adding the event to the calendar on the phone .

Challenges we ran into

Since I was participating by myself, I had to everything. Setting up time stamps and disabling past dates and times was a bit difficult at first.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I build something which can help people during the current times. I am happy for learning new technologies I have not used before.

What we learned

Firebase, Google Calendar API

What's next for HelpPeer

The next step would be creating a web platform for the app since the same database can be used.

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