With declining rates of donating, we wanted to create something that could foster interest in charities. Given the recent popularity of crowdfunding, we wanted to apply a similar idea but for charities. We believe that with many volunteers, especially those who would not donate otherwise, the app can provide an opportunity for people to help each other while also giving back to their communities.

What it does

The app serves as a hiring service for everyday tasks. A user in need of help can create a request for the assistance that they require. Local volunteers are then able to respond, and the user may accept or decline their assistance. The volunteer is given a route in-app. Once the assistance is completed, the user is expected to make the agreed donation to the charity chosen by the volunteer.

How I built it

We built on some existing templates using swift. We also utilized the google maps API.

Challenges I ran into


Creating and incorporating xib files as first-time Xcode and swift users. Adding pop-up animates to the xib.


Transferring data backward from new instances to previous instances.


Getting to APIs to work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Incorporated the google maps API with our app, to ultimately allow the volunteer to get directions to the user. Being able to recall old swift syntax and concepts, after months without practice. As a first time swift user, creating xib files with pop-up animations and interactivity with the main storyboard.

What I learned


How to create xib files. How to animate xib files with pop-up animations. How to add jpg images to xib files. Basic Xcode use and Swift syntax.


How to make HTTP calls to get direction information with latitude and longitude coordinates. Explicitly enable each service you want to use with the Google API.

What's next for Helping Hand

The next goal we have is to further flesh out the app. We want to incorporate a real-time rating system because we want to have only workers above a certain rating. We want to have the friendliest and best “helping hands” in order to make sure that everyone has a pleasant and meaningful experience. We also want to incorporate an in-app chat system, so the volunteer can talk to the user. This way they can give a detailed explanation of what they require assistance with, give additional directions to their location, etc. We also want to have in-app transactions, to allow the payments to be sent directly to the charity.

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