The second wave of CoronaVirus has proven to be more dangerous and deadly especially in India. India has been a worse hit - medically as well as financially.

🎯 What it does

The App presents statistics of covid-19 within India and also accepts user input for necessary covid-19 PAN resources. However, the main functionality of this app is to accept donations from various contributors ( in ETHERS) and become stakeholders of a crowdfunding blockchain. Patients struggling financially can register and apply for ethers at the app and after approval from 51% of the stakeholders, they can receive the help they need.

💻 How we built it

We have used React Js, CSS, and Style components to create the front end of the application. The backend was created using solidity (0.4.24) and Remix IDE to construct the smart contract.

🛠 Challenges we ran into

We ran into major issues while connecting the entire web app to MetaMask which acts as a wallet and is essential for use of ethereum blockchain and its related concepts. However, we were able to overcome this challenge after researching a little bit.

📍 Accomplishments that we're proud of

In such dangerous times, we were successfully able to bring a product to everyone that is helpful to everyone and is very relatable under present circumstances. This crowdfunding campaign pays off as financially struggling people amidst this crisis can get help here.

🔎 What's next for HelpChain

HelpChain is initially made to combat Covid-19 but since the backend is based upon crowdfunding it can be used in the future to collect funds and charities and introduce blockchain into a new field eventually.

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