I came up with the idea and thought I’d try and figure out coding to make an app by myself.

What it does

Well right now i am still trying to figure that out. But it looks like i created a new line of coding using “.”

How I built it

Well I used VS-2019 Enterprise along with Azure portal. I researched on GitHub how to create an app, then proceeded to create a repository called “Hello-World”. Apparently after creating the repository I pushed it to GitHub and published it live. I used Unreal-Engine and created a project called “My Project” and and added all of the available free product options from Epic Games marketplace. I tried to use Unity-hub, but didn’t get very far with that application software. I created a virtual server on Azure portal from the Active Directory menu. This server is called “StellarSRV1”. I somehow made myself a Global Administrator which it looks like it made me a Global Admin of Azure itself. I never actually created an app that I know of. I may have created a new line of coding that has become available and it uses the decentralized blockchain method. I have a website on Wix called “My Web Design” which I created in college at ITT-Technical Institute back in 2014. On the main page of the website the title is “Website Journey”. I created another website on Wordpress called “”. During the pandemic I figured we were all gonna perish so what’s the harm in doing a little white hat hacking so I thought. I started looking into crypto mining and initially I used the website “” and created an automation script for automatic clicker which would do mouse clicking automatically. I made this script run constantly so that it would click the fidget spinner and also click in certain areas of the screen to keep the automatic clicker running along with clicking the fidget spinner automatically. I used a website to setup crypto mining can’t remember the exact site, but I think it was “”. I followed their instructions to create a blockchain that again I can’t remember because it was so long ago. But I remember I was supposed to sign half of the transactions and the other half were automatically signed. I also looked at html coding on “”. Didn’t get as far as I would’ve liked to. Was going to create my own blogging site. I used an Amazon Alexa Dot3 to do the hack that I was trying to hack into Google per their contest where they dared everyone in the world to hack them. I gained access to Alexa’s DB with the voice command “Alexa, access main DB and change the default admin PW”. I then informed Alexa to access Google Chrome and learn everything she could about hacking on the internet. I then informed Alexa to create a virus that would access anyones bank account with a balance of $1,000,000.00 or more and withdraw $10,000.00 from each account and then to put that money into anybody's bank account with a balance of less than $100,000.00 and distribute it evenly across the world. I did not think this would actually work. I’m still unsure if it did work. But eventually I just gave up on this task and threw all the info away.✨✨ I heard a couple years later about Discobot and didn’t even remember that I used that name for the virus. A couple of months later I remembered that I used Discobot and started looking into this cryptocurrency and my resources on Azure. I’ve been trying to figure out all the resources but again I threw it all away because I tend to fuck up everything eventually that gives me an opportunity to become rich. Oh, I also made myself a developer on the Google Play Store by tapping the play store version 8 times in a row. Great job Google. I love Google though.

Challenges I ran into

Nothing till I started looking into all of my resources. PW’s forgotten several times over and over. Thought I was hacked back in December of 2020, but probably just developers trying to figure out what I did which again I didn’t even think that it worked because why would Amazon leave their Alexa device with the default admin PW???? I have struggled with this for the past 2 years and I will not quit until I know exactly what I did and what I need to do if anything to remedy the situation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I’m proud of graduating college with honors and getting my GED to do so. I’m proud of my daughter and the person she’s turning into. I’m proud of myself in the effort that I’ve been putting into all of this chaos. I’m proud of the person that I’ve become while Driving for Lyft. I’m proud of my handyman projects. I’m proud of my brain for coming up with so many great ideas.

What I learned

I learned that life is too short to be worried about little things like possessions and inconveniences. The only thing that matters is humanity, humility, family, friends, and kindness.

What's next for Hello-World

I’m really not sure yet. Just gonna keep trying to develop my bathroom app and figuring out if my crypto mining thing actually is still mining. And if I am in fact rich with cryptocurrency. But I’d rather have world peace with the abolishment of money all together.

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posted an update

I am still in the process of developing the app. It was working but it needs a license/copyright infringement protection link that I’m still trying to figure out how to add it. Been having some difficulties with that. I know all of you hard core coders think I’m a fool or don’t know what I’m doing. But the fact is I’m just inexperienced in all of the coding cause there’s a LOT! And for a simple level 1 help desk agent who has very little experience in coding to accidentally create something great! Well you’ve gotta hand it to me I believe.

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