The hack is a module that a user can easily incorporate into their Android projects in order to monitor user touch data in the form of heat maps.

As users navigate through the developer's application, screenshots are captured and sent to the Parse backend. These screenshots are labelled according to project name, activity name, and fragment name.

User touch events are recorded and sent to the Parse backend as well. Each touch event is associated with a screenshot. This allows us to query for all touch events associated with a single viewin any Android application using Heatmapp.

We made a native app that allows users to view all applications they have set up with Heatmapp. Users select their application, and all views in the application are listed. A user can then select one of the listed views, and a heat map of all touch events is displayed. The Google Maps API is used to create the heat map, and the UI associated with the heat map is overlaid on top of the Google Map.

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