Imagine waking up tired, hopping on the train, and sleeping through your stop. Or being in lecture and waking up to find out that the class is over. We've all been there. Luckily, with Hear4U, you'll have a second set of years to guide you through your busy commuting life. We believe that people that are hard of hearing will benefit from this app as well.

What it does

Say you always get off at "Main Street" station and often sleep through your stop. You simply set an alarm for the app to detect "Main Street" in speech which will cause the phone to vibrate and notify you in case you're asleep at the moment "Main Street station" is announced!

How we built it

The Swift client acts as a background listener and captures audio segments that it sends to our python server as encoded strings using POST. The python server converts the audio to speech and relays it back to the client. If any of the speech matches "Main Street", you are alerted immediately, and will not miss your stop.

Challenges we ran into

-Lack of recognized library for sending audio via HTTP POST -Learning curve for many group members for Swift

Built With

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