It was about a month ago that I happened to visit my sister who is a medical student and I just took off some time to visit the places around. Then I happened to see some students using their hands to communicate while their lips where shut. I then went to the school they came from, a school for the hearing impaired kids and tried to know more about them. After a good talk with one of the teachers, I came back home and it was then that I saw Epson Moverio in an ad. I immediately had this idea for an app which could make their lives much more easier.

Currently, there exists a barrier between the hearing impaired and the rest of the community. It is that only the people who know the British Sign Language(BSL) or any other such languages can communicate with them. My app provides them a chance to break these boundaries.

It works by constantly listening to conversations around through the microphone and converting them to text and displaying them on the glass. By using the screen as a 3D canvas, it is even possible to let the user know where the sound is coming from. By using voice recognition techniques, it's possible to identify the person who is talking. Also a feature can be added in the future to convert sign language to speech or text.

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