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Have you ever wanted to take control of your health? So did the creators of HealthyLiving, Shruti, Riddhi, Antonia and Sandra! We designed and developed this mobile app for iPhone to help people set goals, learn healthy meal options, and practice challenging exercise routines. We believe in the important of spreading body-positivity messages, and wanted to create an app to help voice that vision.

What it does

This app has several features. It opens up to a login page where you can sign in or register through an email account. Next, it asks you to take a short quiz to customize your workouts! Upon completion of the quiz, you profile will be populated with all of the info you submitted on your quiz, as well as a configured BMI. Now, you can see that your workouts are customized to your needs and wants! For example, if you wanted to target your arms, the app will give you arm workouts! There are also healthy meal plans, categorized into low carbs and high carbs. Lastly, we implemented a feed feature where people could update their progress and foster a caring Healthy Living community.

How I built it

We used the reference documentation for Google Firebase with iOS to authenticate users (make the Sign-In/Sign-Up screen require a validly formatted email address and password; error alert messages appear if not completed correctly). Then we implemented a Firebase feature to keep the user logged into the app unless they click the Logout button in the Settings menu. For uploading photos to the Firebase server, we initialized the Storage & Database modules. Next, we added a bunch of ViewControllers to our project to manipulate all the user data. We incorporated a QuizViewController, WorkoutVCs, Profile VCs, and FeedVCs. We used the MVC design model to stay organized. Lastly, the actual content from the files (workouts and meal plans) was all researched by our front end developers! (All this info is the the GitHub readme file!)

Challenges I ran into

As first-time hackers, we experienced several hurdles throughout the way. GitHub was definitely our biggest issue. All of us were unfamiliar to the software, and we didn't know how we could use the site to collaborate on an Xcode project. However, after joining the HobbyHacks Git workshops and watching dozens of videos, we were able to pull through. Another challenge we faced was passing data in between separate view controllers of our app. The IDE told us that we could not share data of separate instance variables. However, we soon learned that we needed to use static variables. Our final challenge was recording the demonstration without sound, so we wrote a transcript for the video down below.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As beginners to the hackathon and app making experience we were amazed by what we created. We were able to create a pretty user interface while creating fully functioning code. We also were able to collaborate and learned to use GitHub as it was our all of our first time using it. Lastly, we are proud that we made an app that people could use to gain more confidence and establish a healthy lifestyle.

What I learned

The amount of knowledge we gained this weekend will be remembered for years to come. We were able to enhance our knowledge of the Xcode application and create a fully functioning app. Learning how to use GitHub allowed us to collaborate and share all of our ideas giving us all a say in what the app contained. The seminars also helped us grow our knowledge of the hackathon experience and we look forward to participating in many more to come!

What's next for Healthy Living

In the future, we look to add playlists for each workouts and meals. In addition, we are hoping to add more workouts and more customization according to responses on the quiz. Our hopes for this app are to create a safe environment for all where people can upload their feed and see personal growth.

Video Transcript:

Riddhi: Our vision for healthy living was to create a safe environment for everyone to become secure with their body and to be healthy. With a bunch of varying exercises and meals people can be happy and healthy.

Sandra: For the sign in and sign up screen, we used Google Firebase Authentication modules. The user can create an account by entering a validly formatted email address, then adding a valid password. This information will be sent to the Google Firebase server, and used to let the user log into the app. The same technology keeps the user logged in until they log out in the settings screen. Now I’m going to sign in.

Shruti: Now, this is the first time we are looking at our app. We open up to the Profile page, and as you can see, none of the fields are populated. When we go over to workouts, we don’t see any customized workouts either. This is when we take our quiz. Now, you can see that all the data in the profile is populated. We have name, weight/height, BMI (configured from weight and height), goals, and targeted areas. We can see that we have customized workouts for our ARMS, as that was our target area! When we go to the meals tab, and click on breakfast, we can see the meal categorized into High Carb and Low Carb. Now, we are going to the Upload section of our app, which allows up to upload an image and a comment to our holistic feed, a place for all of our users to share their Healthy Living experiences. Lastly, we will go to settings and log out. That’s our app!

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